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Conseil scolaire francophone – La Grande Traversée

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The francophone school board in British Columbia launched a national movement to promote health and fitness among youth.

“Your Health, Your Choice!”, like the initiative launched by the Quebec athlete Pierre Lavoie in 2009, titled The Great Challenge Pierre Lavoie, wants to promote health and healthy eating among young people.

Under the theme “Your Health, Your Choice!” the CSF invites all the students from all the French school boards throughout the country to take a healthy turn. This wave will cause all young people in the movement to promote physical fitness and a healthy diet.

On May 27 2013, a team of young French riders from the CSF leave Vancouver and achieve the first step in a relay that happen in every Canadian province. The finish line was at La Baie, Quebec, on June 13 2013, eve of the 1000 km of the Grand Défi Pierre Lavoie 2013!

Throughout the course, the team of The Great Crossover delivered its message, took concrete action and asked each francophone school board to perform various physical tests with students, to participate in various aspects of the pan movement.

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